Medical Summaries

Medical records are the foundation of personal injury and wrongful death cases. Finding an uninterrupted block of time to review and organize those records can be a challenge in a busy law firm. Let us help. We offer three main medical summary styles but we can customize any medical review based on your case needs.

All medical records summaries include a provider log, bookmarked PDF files, and bates-stamping.  The final summary is provided in PDF with a working copy in Microsoft Word.  Billing summaries are available alone or with a medical summary.  Files are provided in Numbers or Excel for Mac Users, and in Excel only for PC users.

Chronological Medical Index

The chronological medical index provides a big picture view of your client’s medical treatment.   It includes dates of service, facility and/or physician, page ID, type of record, and reason for the visit.


Medical Visit Summary

The Medical Visit Summary  provides a brief narrative description for each date of service, or in the case of physical therapy and/or chiropractic care, a group of visits.


Comprehensive Medical Summary

The comprehensive summary includes:

  • a medical chronology in a variation of the SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, plan) format;
  • a treatment recap by provider indicating total number of visits, first and last visit date, and final complaints/diagnosis;
  • identification of pre-existing or intervening injuries, and/or specific causation references within the records; and
  • notes regarding potentially helpful and/or harmful information in the records.

What Our Clients Say

Tomi and her team are fantastic. I have used them to summarize and organize medical records for my personal injury cases, and the work they produce exceeds my expectations every time. I would highly recommend them.

Brent Labovitz - Personal Injury Attorney Kolker & Labovitz